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Tile & Grout Cleaning

By: GROUT MAGNIFICENT | Created 03/20/2020

The main purpose of sealing your tiles and grout is to protect them from discoloration and stains. However, accidents are bound to happen and there is no way to avoid them completely.

You can clean sealed tiled floors with a mild cleaning solution. If you find a stain on your sealed tiles or grout, rub the area using a mild bleach mixture. You should be cautious not to use anything too abrasive, strong, or stiff like a metal brush, for instance. Such material will leave scratches on the surface of your tile and grout.

The problem with grout is that it needs to cured for at least a month before you can seal it. This is the duration during which you must be extra cautious since there will be no sealing to protect your grout against stains. If you discover a stain on your grout during this time, you should clean it up with a mild bleach mixture.

Whatever you do, don’t seal the stained grout. If you seal grout without removing the stain, it might not be possible to remove the discoloration later on.

Cleaning Sealed Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Make sure that you vacuum or mop your ceramic or porcelain sealed tiles every day. Although these tiles are very resilient, they can lose their luster due to a build-up of sand and grit.

Instead of using a sponge type mop, it is better to use a chamois or rag-type mop. These kinds of mops are recommended since sponge mops tend to fill up the grout lines with dirty water. Make sure that you change the water often during cleaning. You may get a dull-looking or mucky floor if you don’t change the water frequently.

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Cleaning Sealed Stone Tiles

When cleaning natural stones like marble, granite, or slate, you need to exercise caution since the wrong kind of cleaner can ruin their surface. Therefore, you should use cleaners specifically formulated for stone tiles.

There are different kinds of stone tiles that require different cleaning methods.

·         Slate Tile

Make use of a mild detergent that does not contain acidic ingredients like vinegar or lemon. You should dry the tiles quickly after you have cleaned them to avert water spots.

·         Marble Tile

Although marble has a stunning appearance, it requires plenty of maintenance. Do not clean marble tile with an acidic solution.

You should not apply vinegar or lemon based cleaning solutions for marble. Don’t use anything that may be abrasive, such as scouring powders and brushes with stiff bristles, as these will scratch the delicate marble surface.

·         Granite Tile

You need a neutral pH solution for cleaning granite tiles. Just like marble and slate tiles, you need a mild cleaner for granite. Harsh or acidic cleaners will create discoloration or streaks on the surface of granite tiles.

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By: GROUT MAGNIFICENT | Created 03/20/2020

After grout has set, you must remove the haze that develops on the grout surface. You should not wait for more than three hours after the grout has set to remove the haze. If you remove the grout haze within three hours of setting, you can do so with the help of a clean damp sponge. However, if you cannot clean the grout haze, you must buy a tile haze remover from a home improvement store or hardware store.

Tile Floor

If you want to renovate your room, you can create a clean, crisp, and tidy look by replacing the carpet with tiles. In case you already have a tile floor, then you can return it to its pristine look simply by cleaning up the discolored grout.

After you have your old grout replaced or repaired, you must ensure that the freshly laid out grout and the grout sealing are fully cured before you mop the floor again.

Kinds of Grout

Two kinds of tile grout are commonly used. They are the sanded type and the non-sanded variety.

Tile grout protects the integrity of your tile by securing your tiles firmly at their correct positions. Thus, with the help of grout, you can safeguard floors, walls, counters, or anything else that you are adding tiles to. In short, wherever you have tiles, you need grout to secure them with a strong foundation.

Non-sanded grout works well for finely-detailed mosaic work and also for closely packed tiles that have less than 1/8 inch gap between them.

Since sanded grout is much stronger as compared to non-sanded grout, it is the best choice for floor tiles.

Cleaning Up Grout

You must remove any grout that has spilled beyond the gap between the tiles.  The most convenient way of doing this is to make use of the grout float. You must ensure that you remove the excess grout while it is still fresh. Once the grout cures, you cannot remove it no matter how many times you mop the floor.

After scraping away extra grout that spilled on the tiles, you should apply a damp sponge to the area. Make sure that you rinse the sponge often. You should have two buckets of water at hand for this purpose. Use water from one bucket for cleaning the floor using the sponge. Use another bucket for rinsing the sponge after you have scrubbed the floor with it.

Make sure to squeeze the sponge firmly before scrubbing the floor. Squeezing the sponge thoroughly will leave the sponge damp enough to clean up the excess grout. However, water from the sponge will not drip onto the fresh grout.

While the grout is setting, you may notice a thin white film. This is the grout haze. You can remove it following the above-mentioned steps.


Whether it is cleaning, repairing, or laying out fresh grout, we can do it all. We can give a grout makeover to your tile floor that will leave it as good as new.

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While tile is a popular option for home and business owners in Florida, the porous grout which helps to complete the image of counters, floors and other surfaces can become a catch-all for dirt, stains, and mold. Regular cleaning and resealing is important to keep your tile surfaces looking great. Are you looking for information about grout cleaning service in Boca Raton?If you need help to clean your grout in the Boca Raton area, Grout Plus Inc. has the personnel, equipment, and products…

By: GROUT PLUS | Created 03/20/2019

Tile is a popular hard surface for floors, walls and other areas of houses. The tiles are generally easier to clean than soft surfaces, but the same is not true of the grout lines which connect the tile. Grout is porous and can harbor dirt, stains, mold and other organisms. These are difficult to get rid of without the help of a reliable professional crew. Are you looking for professionals to do grout cleaning in Wellington, FL? Do you need a cleaning firm to take care of stained or dirty grout in Wellington, Florida? We have the most professional and trusted services of their type in Wellington.

Our firm has the answer for anyone looking for residential and commercial tile and grouting cleaners and restorers in or near Wellington, Florida. Our service area also includes Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, and Port St Lucie. We are family owned and operated, with necessary licenses, bonding, and insurance for the areas in which we operate.

By: GROUT PLUS | Created 03/20/2019

Hard surface floors are enjoying a greater popularity. It is hard to ignore the aesthetic appeal of tile floors. Many people want to install tile or Mexican tile on floors, counters, walls and other surfaces. When you have tile in your home or business, there will be grout installed as well. Cleaning the porous material known as grout is necessary to eliminate mold, mildew and all types of bacteria. Do you need a grout cleaning company in Wellington, FL? Grout Plus Inc. has the most reliable and trusted grout cleaning service in Wellington and surrounding areas.

We use our own proprietary product that is not sold in stores, to permanently re-color and protect the grouting lines in your tile floors. It has a ten-year guarantee on the effectiveness. By applying our product, your tile floors will be enhanced. The product will also assist the surface to better resist stains. Treating a floor with Grout Plus Inc. makes cleanup easier.

Grout is a very porous material that becomes a breeding ground for mold, mildew and all types of bacteria. We use our own proprietary, cutting-edge product that is not sold in stores, to permanently protect the join lines in your tile floors. It has been time-tested for over ten years. Our renew process is suitable for residential and for commercial customers.

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