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By: THE GROUT DOCTOR | Created 10/31/2018

A tile floor looks unique and beautiful. However, for the tiles to look as good as new even after a few years, you need to maintain your tiles. Unfortunately, if you skip regular tile and grout cleanings, your floors will suffer in quality and appearance, and you may end up having to pay for costly tile repairs sooner than later. Here are some reasons to have your home’s tile and grout cleaned on a regular basis:

Your Floors Will Last Longer

A bit of upfront effort and money can protect your home’s floors.  If neglected, the dust, dirt, and other contaminants that stain tiles and grout can weaken the integrity of your floors. They will begin to discolor, fade, crack, lose their luster and shine, and generally wear down much more quickly than they would if they’d been cleaned on a regular basis.

Your Floors Will Look Much Newer

Having your tile floors and grout professionally cleaned on a regular basis will keep them looking fresh, bright, and new, which can make your entire home look and feel much nicer. Since your floors will look much newer and fresher, you may be able to put off that costly tile floor replacement you’ve been thinking about.

Clean Tile and Grout is Better for Your Family’s Health

The porous nature of grout means that it easily collects bacteria and germs, making your floors unsanitary unless they are cleaned often and correctly. Professionally cleaned tile and grout is especially important if you have crawling babies or toddlers who play on the floor, or if anyone in your home has allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues. Keeping your tile and grout free of germs is an important part of any healthy home’s maintenance and cleaning plan.

Professional Cleaning Does Not Damage Your Grout

Professional cleaners have access to more effective cleaning tools and techniques that do an amazing job without causing any damage to your tile or grout. When homeowners attempt to clean their tile and grout themselves, they will likely be disappointed by lackluster results, leading to attempts with increasingly harsher chemicals and more abrasive cleaners. Unfortunately, this can do lasting damage to your floors and grout. A safer approach is to let a trusted expert take care of this cleaning task in order to get professional results without the danger of damage to your floors and grout.

A professional tile and grout cleaning can make a huge difference in the appearance and durability of your floors.

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