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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sliding Door For Your Home

Homeowners are constantly contemplating about the various ways in which they can add even more beauty to their houses. Sliding glass doors, for instance, have a certain appeal that makes them the perfect door design that complements a home’s aesthetics. Sliding doors are not only essential for aesthetic purposes, but they have a lot to offer as well when it comes to efficiency and functionality while adding a timeless appeal to your home. They also come in handy especially in cases where you do not have a lot of space to spare or do not have a lot of natural light coming your way.

Even though sliders have their roots in Asia where they have been utilized since the 50’s, these stylish glass doors now enjoy immense popularity all over the world due to their charm.

The Benefits Of Sliders

• They are reasonably priced and thus will not burn a hole through your pocket. They should be right within your budget.
• Their aesthetics and modern feel enhance your home’s resale value.
• They are available in a vast array of designs which means you will find one that is within your budget or needs
• They are easy to install.

Apart from being excellent for your patio, sliders can also be an attractive option for your shower, bedroom, or back door.

Nevertheless, sliders are not created equal. Therefore, when choosing one for your home, there will be various factors that you shall have to consider.
This guide will give you tips that will ensure you make an informed decision so that you cannot regret later on.

Tips for choosing the correct slider:

1. Style

The style you settle for should seamlessly fit into your house’s architecture in addition to enhancing your home’s look and feel. Today, your options are seemingly limitless as you can get sliding wood doors, as well as those whose frames are made out vinyl, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. You should, therefore, select a frame which requires little to no maintenance. This will give you peace of mind as you will not have to worry about the frame fading or having to rot when exposed to the elements.

Sliders, especially those that are used as patio doors, have traditionally been a single pane of tempered glass. This type offers a great, unobstructed view as well as allowing natural light to get filtered in. In as much as they are sturdy, you could also consider getting sliding glass doors with blinds and grids. These will help in keeping controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the room.

2. Glass Options

For the most part, tempered glass is your best option. This is because when tempered glass breaks, it disintegrates into small fine pieces that will not hurt you like other glass types would. Nevertheless, you could also consider getting laminated glass which is useful in reducing noise as well as filtering out UV rays.

Additionally, if you are looking to enhance your house’s energy efficiency, consider using double or triple-paned glass. This glass type has space between its panes that is filled with gas that keeps hot air during winter and cool air during summer.

If you want a glass type that offers you more shade, go for tinted glass.

All this implies that there are numerous options to choose from. Go for one that suits your needs best.

3. Security

Since the door is made almost entirely out of glass, security concerns are, therefore, in order. Thus, your doors should have sliding glass doors locks features such as strong steel hook designs or interlock systems that will not only seal the door shut but will also ensure that the door panel cannot be removed.

4. Functionality

When selecting the perfect slider for your house, you should ensure that it is maintenance-free, easy to operate, and functional. This means that the slider should be designed using the right materials. Today, sliders come with numerous added features that will determine the door’s functionality. Nonetheless, you should choose one which boasts a wide array of functions. Such a door should be easy to the eyes, offer ease of operation, maintenance free, and offer exceptional security.

5. Aesthetics

At the risk of sounding vain, a slider needs to look the part. It should not only fit nicely into your home’s architecture but should make it even more beautiful. Nevertheless, the prettiness of your slider will almost always be determined by the type of material used to make it as well as its manufacturer.

Interior sliding glass doors are a great way of enhancing your home’s visual appeal, resale value, and energy efficiency. However, to get the best sliding doors in Miami, you will need to employ the services of sliding glass doors experts to ensure that you get the best product.

The Glassperts are the most reputable and leading glass door repair company in South Florida. We have worked with numerous customers over the years and pride ourselves at being the best at giving you value for your money. Whether you want to replace a sliding door or repair a sliding door, we are at your beck and call.


The type of door that is easy to open does not use hinges. Instead, they have tracks where they slide. A sliding glass door is a favorite feature, especially in Miami where there are many places that have a deck or a patio. Unfortunately, some problems can arise. If you have a damaged sliding glass door, you need to make sure it is fixed right away. Sliding glass door repairs are essential to ensure the safety of your home.

If you have a sliding glass door, you know how they improve the visual effects to your room, while providing access to the great outdoors. Some sliding doors are also used for pantries and closets. Sometimes, they are for concealing furnaces and water heaters.


A sliding door should slide horizontally without issues – at least that is what they are supposed to do. However, these contraptions can become stubborn as they resist opening. If you have the same problem, you can inspect the lower track. Often, debris causes the door to stop sliding effortlessly. The lower track is easily clogged because pets and people go in and out of the room, leaving dirt and small particles, such as leaves on that channel.

Sometimes, even if the doors are clean, they still do not slide as easily as before. In this case, the problem lies in the rollers of the door. Both the top and bottom rollers may have a problem. The bottom rollers typically start rubbing against the track, which causes the sticking door. Meanwhile, the top rollers can wear down, which often causes the bottom rollers to rub on the lower track.


  • If you are not sure that you need sliding glass door repairs, here are some signs that it is telling you to have it fixed:
  • It requires you to exert effort in sliding the door.
  • You need at least two hands to slide the door.
  • You used to balance drinks using your other hand, while you slide the door. Now, you cannot do it anymore.
  • The door only moves when you shake it along the track.
  • As mentioned, dirty rollers are the top reasons why people need sliding glass door repairs. From mud to food to hair, there are plenty of things that can affect how the door slides.


Sliding glass door repair Miam is typically a DIY job, meaning you can do it on your own. However, it can be a hazardous and challenging task because you will be handling large pieces of glass. You want to make sure that the sliding glass door repairs can provide you with quality and durable doors, which is why you should seek for the right Miami sliding glass door repair professional service.

Sliding glass door repairs should only be performed by someone or a group that has experience in fixing glass doors. This way, you will not have to worry about additional costs because the door will work for a long time.

Whether you have a broken glass or malfunctioning rollers that have been misaligned with the tracks, a professional service for sliding glass doors repair Miami will handle the job for you. Here are the ways the experts will provide you with sliding glass door repairs:

  • Protection
  • Before any replacement or Miami sliding glass door repair, the experts will wear protective gear so that any injury is avoided.
  • Cleaning

One of the most common complaints of people who need sliding glass door repairs is that their sliding doors become sticking doors. Experts know that over time, excessive use and exposure to elements can cause the problem.

To solve the issue, the experts will clean the track, usually with just soap and warm water. If this does not solve the problem, it means that dirt is not the cause. The repairmen will proceed to examine the rollers.

Cleaning is typically easy, especially since the experts do not mind some elbow grease. After all, sliding glass door repairs are never glamorous. For this part of the job, the tracks and the bottom of the door should be cleaned thoroughly.

Often, the experts begin by vacuuming first and then they will scrub it with soap and water. Simple tools such as an old toothbrush can help remove dirt on the track. It is essential that the track is entirely vacuumed before wiping it down. When this part of the door is squeaky clean, a dry lubricant for coating will be applied.


Sometimes, the sliding door can have problems with its catch, which will need to be reshaped. The door repairmen will take a look at the catch if the rollers or the track is not the issue. To fix the problematic catch, they will remove it first. Then, using a vise, they will clamp it in. A hammer or pliers will bend the catch to its proper angle before putting it back to its place.


When debris is removed from lower tracks of the sliding door, the sliding glass doors repair Miami experts will pull away the trim from the glass. The trim, which is also called the mull, should be cleared from the door as this step is crucial when extracting the sliding door.

After the trim is completely removed, the sliding glass doors repair Miami professionals will carefully remove the door from the frame. It will be slowly laid down on the floor, as gently as possible to avoid breakage.

When removing the door off of its track, the experts will look at the indented part at the top of the track. The door will then be moved to this spot and will be pushed upward. It will be tilted at a specific angle before pulling it from the bottom track and next by the top track. Doors are heavy as they can weigh at least 100 pounds for an eight-footer, so it is recommended that only pros should do this, especially if the door is huge.


Some homeowners may require a replacement for their sliding glass door. If this is your case, the experts will take care of it for you. They will take measurements first to calculate the glass size that you will need. Meanwhile, if a repair is required, a glass specialist will remove the broken glass. Typically, the process will also involve injecting a resin into the glass panel.


When the glass door is finally repaired and ready, it will be installed back to its frame. The trim will be back in its place as well. The process is simply a reversal of the extraction step. From lifting the door to aligning it with the track, the experts know what they are going to do. It will pop right back to its place and you will have your door, which will work as good as new.


Whether you are planning to attempt a sliding glass door repair Miam on your own or you will call a professional, here are some tips that you will certainly find useful:

For Miami sliding glass door repair, it is important that you know the weather. As much as possible, do not do it on a day with a lot of precipitation or extreme temperatures. Since the door will be taken off for a few hours, it is better to choose a day with nice weather.

Purchase everything you will need ahead of time before you start with sliding glass door repair Miam. If you do not know what you need, inspect the door first. As soon as you learn the problem, such as wheels or rollers, be sure that you fix the door when the local hardware store is open.

Sliding glass door repair Miam means that you will have to remove the door. Sometimes, unexpected things can happen, so always be ready to put your sliding door back to its place – just for a temporary measure.


  • As mentioned above, the sliding glass doors repair Miami experts will clean the door to get rid of debris. If you fix your door on your own, you should be ready to clean it as well. In this case, you should assemble some supplies for cleaning before you begin any Miami sliding glass door repair. Some of the things that are recommended include old or paper towels, degreaser or any safe cleaning product, some light grease for greasing the track after the cleaning process. You may also need a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt.
  • From the list of steps that the sliding glass door repair Miami professionals will do, you might think everything is easy, including taking the door off. While it does sound simple, removing the door is most probably the most difficult part of the process, depending on how big it is.
  • If you are worried about lifting the door off on your own, you should not attempt to do it without help from sliding glass door repair Miami experts. In many cases, sliding glass door repairs are best done with at least two persons. If you are in doubt, leave it to the pros so that you have no worries about repeating the job and wasting effort and money in the end.



On August 16, 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida, leaving our beautiful cities in pieces. Whole neighborhoods were destroyed; Glass and debris littered the streets of Miami. Many families lost all of their belongings to the weather or theft. Calling the right company is never more important than when your family is in an emergency. The Glassperts understand this because we are family owned and operated, so quality comes first. Many of these “other” guys will make claims to be the fastest in sliding glass door repair. We don’t think that’s enough. We make sure the job gets done the way it’s supposed to be done. So you have one less thing to worry about and get back to what matters most.


When a hurricane strikes, the first things to be damaged on residential and commercial structures are the glass doors and windows if they are not properly protected. When our home is exposed, we feel unsecure because we’re unprotected from the elements, animals, insects and strangers! Response time is essential and The Glassperts understand this more than most companies. That’s why we have a fully stocked fleet ready to service the glass in your home or business any time of day or night. Our vans carry standard and even some nonstandard sizes of sliding glass doors and windows. We also stock most wheels, handles and locks for many sliding glass doors because no one should wait longer than they have to. We are always just a phone call away, with some of the fastest response times in the industry.


As with any dangerous storm, we want to make sure that everyone is making any necessary precautions to ensure your families safety. To protect your glass windows and doors, please cover them with wood or metal shutters. These must also be installed correctly, as anything that’s loose won’t be hanging around long if 100mph winds come along! Many families are busy and we understand that so we offer our board-up services to fully protect your sliding glass doors and windows. We provide the materials and worry about removing them once you no longer need it. The Glassperts has been offering services like this to Miami and surrounding areas for many years and our reviews give a small reflection on our dedication to our customers.


We’ve all been there. A hurricane is announced on TV and the Radio.  Everyone rushes to the gas stations and super markets to get the supplies they need but unfortunately there will not be enough for everyone. The same goes for glass repair in Miami and South Florida. Those companies that have not stocked up on sliding glass doors, windows and materials will find that many distributers are out of stock. When an emergency strikes, this is worst-case scenario, as they may take as long as 2-3 weeks or longer to bring their inventory up to date. Over the years, The Glassperts has seen this happen to many companies time and time again, leaving the customers with an exposed opening in their home. We understand the need for reliable sliding glass door repair and because of this, we always keep stockpiles of standard and nonstandard glass that may not be on our trucks. So if your Experts don’t have the size or type of glass for your home and business, we can go to any one of our warehouses, anytime.


As with many industries, there is usually some confusion as to what is considered a great glass repair company. It is no longer enough to just be the fastest, you have to be the best in all aspects of the window and door glass repair industry. One of the main things you have to check is if your prospective repair company is a licensed and insured with the county in which you reside in. In order to be licensed, you must pass a rigorous background screening and do exceedingly well in all exam testing. This helps ensure that only qualified glass and glazing professionals are working in your home or business. Reviews are a great way for customers to be able to share their experiences with the public to help you make a decision. We should know, we are one of the top rated glass repair companies in Florida and for good reason. Customer satisfaction is paramount in the way we conduct business.

Our beautiful cities of South Florida are always a target for bad weather, theft, accidents and so much more with glass usually being the first things to be targeted. Leaving it up to those “other” guys usually leads to more headaches and hidden costs. You can count on The Glassperts to be your reliable, professional glass repair service whether it is an emergency or just another day. Sliding glass door repair is our specialty and it shows.

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