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The most important thing in a fire insurance claim is to make sure that everyone is safe and sound. Fires are extremely dangerous and destructive. In addition to the actual damage from the fire’s flames, smoke damage is very dangerous and damaging. The resulting fire damage must be professionally evaluated by an experienced public adjuster.

Did you know that in South Florida and other parts of the country most of the damages in insurance claims comes as a result of a fire are smoke damages? Smoke travels and penetrates throughout the A/C system and your air ducts travel throughout your entire property. Even though a fire may be contained to one small room, the smoke from that fire can damage an entire house. Smoke goes into the cavity of the drywall and is absorbed inside all wooden materials in your property as well as your clothing fabrics and personal item. Even after thorough cleaning and painting to your property, this still doesn’t get rid of the smoke damages.

By: OCEAN POINT CLAIMS COMPANY | Created 07/24/2019

Why Policyholders Should Hire A Public Adjuster

Homeowners should obtain the services of public adjusters for several reasons.  The larger the loss, the greater the need for the guidance of a skilled public adjuster, make no mistake, people need assistance with small claims too.  It is important to find find a public adjuster with several years of experience to represent your interests for your particular type of claim. The public adjusters at Ocean Point Claims Company have worked for the insurance companies in the past. The public adjusters at Ocean Point know how to catch the attrition of your insurance company.  We not the right places to apply pressure.

“Let’s say that you’re feeling like your claim will go well after you file via the phone and speak to nice sounding people. As a result, you’ll think the same when the adjuster calls you. You’ll probably think the same when they visit your home. Company adjusters are often courteous when they inspect claims. They return to their office and things change. Carrier adjusters have strict rules and timelines to meet. They aren’t there for you. They are there to follow the company rules, which results in underpayment of claims. Ocean Point won’t let that happen. We make sure they follow the true policy, the contact between you and the insurance company. We will make sure they abide by local building codes and state matching statutes." - Eli Goins, Licensed Public Adjuster

Hiring a public adjuster simplifies life, relieves worry and stress. The damage to their home is already bad enough. They don’t need to have more stress and uncertainty added.

How To Locate An Experienced, Honest & Trusted Public Adjuster

FAPIA is a great starting point. Their website allows you to locate an experienced public adjuster. Association members are licensed, must maintain clean backgrounds and be finger printed. Having high ethical standards is required. All of the public adjusters at Ocean Point have undergone rigorous background checks. You can check with the NAPIA website, National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. NAPIA website, National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. These checks include finger printing, background checks and they must carry a $50k bond. Always ask for their license number. You can use this tool, in Florida, to check their license status, DFS License Search. If you’re not in Florida, simply Google this term, “check insurance license status [your state]”.

It is important to remember that having a license alone is not a guarantee that you are hiring an experienced adjuster. Talk to them about their experience, feel them out. You may be working with your adjuster for several months and you want to make sure that you don’t find out that they are not capable of handling your loss after it is too late.

Ask around. Speak to coworkers, friends, family, fellow church members, the list goes on and on. Don’t just hire the first public adjuster that you see on an internet search. Check a public adjuster’s online reviews. Ask for their references. Call them and check their performance and customer service.

Is It Beneficial To Hire a Public Adjuster? 

Absolutely! The average person doesn’t have the experience. They are not aware of strict time lines. Meeting timelines is crucial to your claim, and you. Average homeowners lack knowledge of policy. They must be able to interpret policy. Policyholders are required to meet all policy provisions. Company adjusters are there to protect their interests, not yours. Good news! You have the option to protect your own interests by retaining a public adjuster, whose responsibility is to serve you!

Statistics Tell The Truth

The statistics tell that you will receive a higher settlement from the insurance company by hiring a Public Adjuster versus going it alone and working the claim yourself. A study was conducted by OPAGGA. As a result, it was discovered that property owners in Florida received higher settlements when a public adjuster was hired. Homeowners settlements were 747% higher. Catastrophe losses were 574% larger. This is why it is a good idea to hire a public adjuster.

“Policyholders with public adjuster representation typically received higher settlements than those without public adjusters. The typical payment to a policyholder represented by a public adjuster was $22,266 for claims filed in 2008 and 2009 related to the 2004 hurricanes. In contrast, policyholders who did not use a public adjuster received typical payments of $18,659. The difference in payments was larger for claims related to 2005 hurricanes, with public adjuster claims resulting in payments that were 747% higher. However, as policyholders pay public adjuster fees as a percentage of their settlement, their net settlement would be lower than this amount.” - OPPAGA has a great article on the pros and con of using a public or private adjuster.

Public adjusters usually charge 10% to 20% of the net payout, after your deductible. If the insurance company underpays your claim by thousands, 10% – 20% isn’t such a bad deal. Especially when you’ve been denied. 10% – 20% of something is better than 0% of nothing.

By: PRIME PUBLIC ADJUSTERS | Created 02/08/2019

Hurricanes are terrifying and destructive storms that leave a costly wake of property damage. Although many people carry insurance for hurricane losses the Insurance Companies make it nearly impossible to obtain a fair settlement, often denying or underpaying legitimate claims. 

If you need help with a difficult hurricane insurance claim, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. Our team has experience working with people, companies, and organizations that have been treated unfairly by their insurance companies. Prime Public Adjusting would be happy to answer your questions in a free case review and help you maximize your recovery.

By: JSF Insurance Agency Inc. | Created 10/30/2018

People look at homeowners insurance as an option, and in reality it should be a necessity. Homeowners insurance will not only leave you stress-free, it will save you money in the long-run. Having insurance for your home will essentially help prepare you for the unexpected.

Here are 4 benefits to having homeowners insurance:

Protect You From Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters occur all the time, and unfortunately you can’t control if it damages your home. With home insurance, you can protect your home from common disasters such as, tornadoes, floods, and fires. Homeowners insurance will pay for repairs and save you a lot of money.

Protect You From Theft:

There is no worst feeling than knowing that someone has broken into your home. Having homeowners insurance will help in these unsettling situations. Home insurance can cover the cost of damages to your home, as well as, theft of possessions.

Protects You Against Lawsuits:

Someone can get hurt on your property. In this instance, they could potentially sue. If something like this happens, you want to be prepared and the best way to do that is by having insurance. Homeowners insurance will protect you against lawsuits by paying for medical bills and paying attorney fees. This will save you a lot of stress and money.

Mortgage Requirement:

If you plan on taking out a mortgage loan, your lender will require that you buy a limited level of insurance in case of a hazard. This is because your house is the lender’s collateral.

Homeowners insurance is not an option, it is a necessity. Check the benefits!!

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