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By: CHEAP STAIR PARTS | Created 04/27/2020
Virtually every stair remodel will use base shoes. A base shoe is primarily a purely decorative piece that functions to hide gaps left over from drilling and installing. We have three types of base shoes.Disc Shoes – These are flat and slim. They work well with simple or modern designs. They also don’t require a screw. You can drop a small dab of epoxy under them and they are good to go. Basic base shoes. These are flat and have a square design which can be used from all styles (traditional to modern). They typically use a set screw to tighten to the baluster but we always recommend using a dab of epoxy for a permanent setup.  These can be used on the bottom or on the top of your railing (under the handrail). Angled / Rake base shoes. These work the same way as the flat but can go on angled surfaces. The average staircase is 36 degrees and these fit on a 36 degree pitch perfectly and usually have enough wiggle room to go a couple degrees in either direction. if your stairs are a different angle you can notch out a small area where the shoe would sit or run the shoe on a belt sander to adjust its angle. These also work on bottom or on top under the rail.
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