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By: IMPACT DW CORPORATION | Created 10/31/2018

Homeowners in the areas most likely to be hit by hurricanes and tropical storms turn their minds towards disaster preparedness. Although no method can completely protect against hurricane damage, you can take many steps to minimize the risk to your home, including one of the most vulnerable points: Your windows.

The impact windows are built with one goal in mind: to protect your home during the most severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

How hurricane impact windows work.

High-performance impact-resistant windows are built very differently when compared to normal windows. They consist of several layers of glass and/or plexiglass or other synthetic materials that make shattering or penetration through them extremely difficult. These layers are sealed together with a security-rated PVB interlayer that will hold the window together should the glass be broken. In testing, the windows are hit with a large missile (a nine-pound wood 2x4) calibrated to travel at 50 feet per second upon release. After passing this test, they are then subjected to a variety of other stress-related surface changes that may occur due to high heat and humidity.

Safety and efficiency.

Homeowners can expect several other benefits when installing high-performance impact windows in their homes — in addition to hurricane window protection. One perk is the energy efficiency that is added to your home. The superior seal and strength of hurricane impact windows helps to save more on your monthly heating and cooling costs.

The synthetic layer that seals the window together also acts as a UV ray filter, blocking up to 99 percent of the rays. During the summer, the windows filter out the sun’s long wave radiation, blocking and reducing the heat gained from the sunlight. In the winter, the glass allows warm solar rays into the home, while insulating and keeping the warmth generated from your heating unit inside.

Another added benefit is that hurricane windows absorb sound instead of transmitting it. If you’ve ever been woken up early on a weekend by someone in the neighborhood doing yard work, this is a feature you can definitely appreciate.

Taking measures to stormproof your home could save you from a potential disaster. When the storms start rolling in, it is nice to have peace of mind and know you and your home are ready.


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