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Florida is a beautiful place to work and live. The beautiful weather, amazing scenery, and refreshing ocean breeze are all reasons to own a home or business in the Sunshine State. While the weather can be a huge positive to living in Florida, there is always the risk of potentially dangerous storms and wind.

There are many ways to protect your home from the Florida weather. Counting with The Glassperts to install impact glass windows can protect your home or business while offering a number of positives listed below.

Protection from Hurricanes

While living in Florida has many advantages, there is always the risk of your home or business being in the path of a hurricane. Florida averages two hits from hurricanes every single year. Installing impact glass windows on your home or business can help protect you and your loved ones from the damages caused by these dangerous storms.

A concern for many people preparing for hurricanes is the risk of broken windows and shattered glass. With normal windows, the wind damage can cause the glass to shatter and spread the shards through the building, causing potential harm to you and especially small children and pets.

In addition to preventing tons of small glass shards, impact glass windows can help prevent large objects such as tree limbs from crashing through your windows from the wind. Without the worry of broken windows, you also will not need to worry about rain and water coming in through them causing any further damage.

No More Need for Shutters

With the danger of hurricanes hitting Florida multiple times a year, there will be no more need to put up hurricane shutters on your windows again and again. As soon as you call The Glassperts and have them install your new impact glass windows, you will be protected immediately.

Save Money on Insurance

Outfitting your home or business with impact glass windows lowers your risk for potentially expensive repairs. Taking the precaution of installing impact glass can also mean lower premiums or discounts on your homeowners or business insurance. With lower insurance bills, impact windows can possibly pay for themselves over their lifespan.

Reduced Energy Costs

The weather in Florida can fluctuate wildly throughout the year. While during the winter the weather can be cool and beautiful, the temperature and humidity can rise quite high throughout the rest of the year. During these hot and humid days, air conditioning can provide relief at the same time increasing your energy bill three times higher than normal. Installing impact glass windows can help cool your building and lower energy costs. The windows allow less solar heat into your home, making it easier for your air conditioning to keep the temperature low.

Lower Outdoor Noise Pollution

Impact glass windows are also great at keeping out unwanted noise pollution. These windows feature polyvinyl membranes between the sheets of glass that are good at absorbing sound waves and preventing annoying and unwanted noise from entering the building.
Even if you live inland, in a large city without the high level of risk caused by the weather in the coastal regions, impact windows will help you enjoy your home without being annoyed by noisy neighbors.

Home Security

A feature of installing impact glass windows is added home security. Many thieves enter homes by an unlocked door or through a window. Since impact glass windows are constructed with several layers of shatter resistant material, it is harder for burglars to break through them and enter your home.

No matter what part of Florida you live in, installing impact glass windows can be positive in many ways. Whether you are concerned about the damage from hurricanes, home security, energy bills, or any other reasons listed above, calling The Glassperts and upgrading your windows can save you time, money, and prevent property damage.

As one of the millions of Miami residents, you may thoroughly enjoy the beautiful coastal views and wonderful climate that the area is known for. However, as exceptional as the climate is most of the time, weather conditions can be harsh and severe at times. You understandably face many challenges related to the tropical climate that southern Florida is known for. Miami and the surrounding communities typically have warm, humid temperatures that can be ideal for relaxing outdoors on your patio or at the beach. However, you need a cooler and less humid environment indoors for optimal comfort. Your home’s windows provide essential protection against the elements, but not all residential windows are the same.

With Miami’s unique location at the southern tip of the Florida peninsula, this area also is impacted by severe tropical storms and devastating hurricanes. Because hurricanes can take sharp turns or increase in strength dramatically within a very short period of time, it is imperative that you take all necessary steps to prepare your home from weather-related damage in a worst-case scenario. Whether you are looking for the perfect windows to protect your home from hurricane damage or to assist with creating a hospitable environment in your home on a daily basis, impact windows are the perfect solution. Impact windows are ideal for window replacement and for window repair in Miami.


Unlike other types of windows, impact windows have very sturdy frames that are designed to keep the windows anchored in your structure when they are exposed to tremendous force, such as hurricane-force windows. These windows also have a silicon coating over laminated glass to give the glass substantially more strength, being a perfect option for window repair in Miami. During severe storms, various objects could become projectiles because of strong winds. The added strength of the windows makes them more resistant to damage from projectiles. When your home’s windows remain intact during severe storms, interior damage related to strong winds and rain are not usually a problem.

Taking Advantage of Impact Windows

Impact windows are understandably beneficial during hurricanes and tropical storms, but they also offer benefits on a daily basis. The extra silicon coating and lamination on impact windows improve energy efficiency in the home. This is an essential benefit for homeowners who are concerned about the high cost of keeping their Miami home cool and comfortable. In addition, impact windows are very difficult for criminals to break, and this helps you to maintain a high level of property security. You may think that impact windows would be purely utilitarian and lack aesthetic appeal. However, this is not the case. These windows are available in many styles, making them suitable for most Miami homes.

Choosing Us as Your Professional Window Installers

Regardless of whether you need to replace a single window that has been damaged or you are ready to improve your entire home with the installation of impact windows, we are the professional window installers to reach out to for exceptional service and quality products. At The Glassperts, our team is eager to meet with you soon to help you learn about the styles available and to provide you with a competitive quote for your window repair in Miami. You can always expect our window installation team to treat you and your Miami home with respect. We are also your leading source for window replacement and sliding glass door repair in Miami.

Impact windows may be most advantageous when a severe storm passes through, and you never know when the next storm will bear down on the area. While you need to be prepared for a major storm ahead of time, you also may be ready to improve the curb appeal, security and energy efficiency of your home through the installation of impact windows. Contact The Glassperts today to request more information about window replacement and window repair in Miami and schedule an appointment with us.

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If you’re a homeowner living in areas with frequent visits from storms or hurricanes, one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face is protecting your home and your belongings. You need to make sure that you take all precautionary measures to keep your property safe.

A cost-effective and long-term technique, through which you can save yourself from the hassle of repairing windows and risking damaged property, is through the installation of impact windows and doors. There is a long list of advantages you will see from installing impact windows and doors in your home. Here are some of the most significant benefits to consider:

The Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors:

Hurricane and Storm Protection:

One of the most important benefits of impact windows and doors is that they are extremely strong and can withstand major weather including heavy rain and strong winds. By providing a protective shield against hurricane and storm damage, these windows and doors can cut down the price of regular repairs and help to save your home from damage. In addition, through the installation of hurricane windows and doors, you will be qualified for a wind mitigation insurance rebate.


Apart from hurricane-generated winds which people might face in South Florida, people who live in damp or semi-arid zones also face another challenge – salty and humid air. This not only affects your air conditioning systems, but can also corrode your doors and windows. Impact windows and doors are made with a special corrosion resistant design, allowing for protection from wearing away.

Heat and Noise Reduction:

For people who live in crowded or metropolitan areas, the noise and heat can be unbearable – especially during summers. Impact windows are extremely resistant against strong heat waves and loud noises, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet and live comfortably in your home.

UV Protection:

UV light is an extremely dangerous source of many skin-related health issues. Moreover, these lights can also cause damage to your furniture, artwork and other household items. Impact windows have Low E Glass Coating, window tinting, and double glazing which increased the energy efficiency and reduces the damaging effects of UV light.

Energy Efficiency:

The utility bills pile up at a high rate, especially in cities which typically experience extremely hot summers. Replacing your current windows and doors with impact windows and doors will certainly increase the energy efficiency. In fact, it has been shown that inefficient windows and doors consume over 40 percent of your home’s annual energy budget. Our windows and doors are ENERGY STAR and NFRC-labeled throughout South Florida – making them much more efficient than regular windows. One of the most important features with our products is that they have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) reduction. Our technologically advanced windows offer increased levels of visible light transmission into your home, providing the important benefit of energy savings.

Increased Security:

Another benefit of installing hurricane windows and doors is the increased security and protection from burglars and intruders. Homeowners will have a peace of mind knowing they are more thoroughly protected by having these protective systems in place.

Insurance Discounts:

Impact windows are some of the most significant windstorm protection systems, which have been recognized by a number of different insurance agencies. Because of this, insurance firms may offer a deduction or discount on insurance premiums. Many homeowners with impact windows also qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate.

The Bottom Line:

Your home is one of your biggest investments and protecting your home is at the top of the list in order to live safe and comfortably. However, for people living in areas like South Florida that are prone to frequent storms and hurricanes, you might have to spend a lot on repairing your windows and doors in addition to risking damaged property and belongings. In such cases, considering the installation of impact doors and windows is certainly worth the investment and the peace of mind.

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Impact Glass Doors

Doors should not only be installed for enhancing the aesthetic value of the home but also for protecting it from storms, hurricanes and unwanted intruders. If you live in Florida, you must know how tough it is to limit the damages caused due to thunderstorms. The state of Florida has a vast shoreline, due to which thunderstorms and hurricanes are a common occurrence here and this increases the chances of loss of valuable items and property. Often homeowners in Florida find it a daunting task to keep the losses to a minimum as strong winds hit their homes regularly. After noticing this, the officials in Florida introduced new building codes for the homeowners constructing new homes. It stated that all the new homes must be constructed with storm-resistant materials.

If you want to protect your home from getting damaged by tropical storms and hurricanes, you need to install impact glass doors and windows. The impact doors come in numerous designs, shapes and sizes and can be customized to match the overall look of your home. These impact glass doors are very advantageous in many ways. During the storm, when the high-velocity winds hit your homes, the normal glass doors might easily shatter and damage your valuable items. Once the strong winds enter your home, it will lift the roof and push the wall of the home outward, destabilizing the entire structure of your home. But the impact glass doors will not break easily during the storm and protect the home from damages and help in saving repair costs.

As soon as the impact glass door is installed, it will start protecting your home from strong winds.

There are two varieties of impact glass doors-one is simple and less expensive. In this variety, single glass is placed between the two transparent films on either side. During a storm, if the glass shatters, after getting hit by high-velocity winds, the transparent film on either side will hold the glass pieces together and block the winds.

The second variety of impact glass door is commonly called inner membrane glass. This is one of the most commonly preferred types of impact glass doors as it is strong and easily withstands strong winds. This type of door consists of two glass panels that are joined together with polyvinyl butaryl. This is a transparent film that keeps both the glasses pressed against each other. Now in case of a thunderstorm, the transparent film will hold the glass pieces together even if the glasses shatter. This will effectively block the incoming winds and protect your valuables from getting damaged.

As soon as the impact glass door is installed, it will start protecting your home from strong winds. They look like normal glass doors but are very strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The impact glass doors are transparent, thus it allows sunlight enter your home, helping you save on your power bill. When impact glass doors are installed, you will also get a discount on home insurance premium. The strong nature of these doors also blocks the entry of unwanted intruders, protecting you and your family members. The impact glass door is a must in everyone’s home because it not only keeps the structure of the home intact but also limits the damages and keep the unnecessary intruders away.

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Here at Top Choice we realize that homes are not all the same and that it is important to custom build a solution to meet your needs. This mentality of striving creating the best for each customer puts us ahead of others. Our focus on craftsmanship luxuriously protects your home with a custom solution to fit your needs.

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If you live in a region prone to hurricanes, fitting your home for storm safety should be a top priority. When severe weather hits, your house is only as strong as its structures. Keep your family secure by installing specialty products, such as hurricane doors, and taking other damage prevention measures. Not sure where to start? Let this guide teach you the basics of hurricane home safety.Install Impact Windows: When high-speed winds are stirring around your home, strong windows are a key line of defense. In some tests, impact windows have withstood category 5 winds and the resulting flying debris. Add Impact Doors: Much like your windows, hurricane doors are an essential layer of protection. Install impact doors as soon as possible and make sure that the door frame is sturdy as well. Reinforce Your Roof: A detached roof is one of the most devastating home damages resulting from a hurricane. Install anchors or adhesive to keep your roof in place. If you haven’t already, make sure that your roof is shaped to allow full water drainage. Clean The Yard: As hurricanes tend to pick up loose objects, make sure your yard is free of debris. Be diligent about picking up fallen branches and other miscellaneous yard objects. If you hear that a hurricane is coming, bring any outdoor furniture inside of your garage or home. Buy A Generator: Power outages are common during hurricanes, as wind and falling trees can easily knock out entire power lines. By installing a generator, you can keep your family out of the dark until electrical repairs are made. As storms differ in impact, a generator will have you covered for even the longest outage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you are having any doubts about your homes safety measures, speak with a home safety inspector about how you can improve. In addition to installing impact windows and doors, and reinforcing other home features, be sure to have an evacuation plan in the event of a true emergency. When a storm could be too severe for even the most reinforced homes, it is best to get out of the area completely. Inform your family of this plan and what else they can do to keep themselves safe during a storm.
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