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By: PRO BUILDERS INC | Created 03/12/2019

There are many types of inspections, but a full real estate inspection report is very crucial because it covers:

  • Structural
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Cosmetic
  • Termites and other Wood Destroying Organisms

A full real estate inspection report costs a tiny fraction of your overall property investment and there are many reasons to why a full real estate inspection report is so important:

  At Pro Builders Inc. our full real estate inspection reports also include a Basic Permit search, to identify if any open or expired permit is present . . .an issue that can be very costly to close or complete.

  FOR THE BUYER:  A full real estate inspection may be your biggest savior prior to being stuck into a financial disaster, and it may provide you with the opportunity to back out of a contract during the purchasing process of a home, and may be the only thing that can make you avoid getting stuck in a financial nightmare, disaster or inhabitable environment.

–  A perfect example:   A tiled roof covering of a 2500 square foot home, which has a life expectancy of 30 Years, can cost an average of $30,000 replacement cost . . . a big expense. That wouldn’t be the best news to find out, soon after or a few years after owning a home, would it? The full real estate inspection report – which cost a tiny fraction of your investment – can identify the remaining life expectancy of the roof (i.e. how many years are left on it), and will document any existing damage and the estimated cost to repair

–  Another reason why a roof’s age and condition is important, is that it is taken into consideration during property insurance calculations.  Prior to obtaining hazard insurance coverage, the age and condition of the roof will help determine your insurance premiums and whether or not the home is insurable

  FOR THE SELLER:  A Home Inspection report is not only good to get when purchasing a home, it can be used by sellers as well.

–  To identify existing defects and repairs needed prior to listing a property or when negotiating offers on their homes.

Such items can be corrected prior to getting into contract which can delay, affect or even lose the sale of the property if not taken care of ahead of time.

–  The report also can be easily shared with the prospective buyer, so they’re aware of the condition of the home and know that those items have been taken into consideration and the house has been priced accordingly or you can simply negotiate repair costs more accurately in the terms of the purchase contract

  WARRANTY REPAIRS:  Last but not least, full real estate inspection report is a great tool when making repairs that are covered under warranty.  Just because you purchase a new home, it doesn’t mean that you have no issues in your home.  A detailed home inspection report, such like “Pro Builders Inc.” will list all those defects, potential problems and even possible illegal alterations performed in the home. These reports also list costs of repairs, and potential hazards that are detected during the inspection.

We always encounter owners needing repairs done to their newly purchased home, whether it’s structural settlement, bad craftsmanship or simply cosmetic items, so why not have them repaired during your warrantee period before it can turn out to be a bigger issue!

Now that you know that a full real estate inspection report is great tool to have, and that it can save you thousands of dollars, why not call us today to schedule yours.

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