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By: PEREGONZA THE ATTORNEYS | Created 12/08/2020

Preparing for Hurricane Season.

As a Florida resident, it is crucial to know firsthand the benefits of planning ahead during hurricane season. Dealing with storms, floods, heavy rainfall and hurricanes in Miami can be tricky. However, our professional homeowners insurance lawyers will guide you to the safest options for your family. The preparation for hurricane season can help you, your family or your business minimize the impact of the storm. The best time to start is before the threat is close. Being prepared and knowing that you’ve documented any damage to your home and that you understand your policy coverage is crucial to being literally ahead of the storm.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny My Claim?

Having homeowners insurance does not guarantee a fully protected home. Your homeowners insurance can deny your claim if the damage was there before the storm. Many times, insurance companies use this excuse to deny claims and avoid paying maximum coverage for home damages when they should be forced to pay for the entire demand. After all, this is why you have insurance, so that you can be covered when you need to use it. The first thing you need is to have your home inspected by a professional to document any possible damage. A home inspection can help by making you aware of whether or not your home has pre-existing damages and help to prevent insurance companies from claiming they should not cover the damage for that reason. You also need to consider having a good attorney like our team of homeowners insurance lawyers at PereGonza The Attorneys.

With this information, if you choose, our team of homeowners attorneys can help you file a claim to have the insurance company possibly fix and cover the damages to prevent further destruction to your home.

1. Check for Pre-Existing Home Damage

As a Miami homeowner, it is important to be aware of any pre-existing damage to your home. At Peregonza The Attorneys, we can offer to send a professional to your home to do a free home inspection to identify any damage that may exist. If damage exists our team can help file a Claim to get these repaired. If there are no damages, a proper inspection will document any pre-existing home damages. This documentation will be useful in the event that your home experiences damage as a result of a hurricane.

One of the main reasons for homeowner coverage denial claims is wrongful credit for the damages. Insurance companies will try to say that the damages caused by a storm have existed prior to the hurricane. By doing so, the insurance company will disregard your home damages and the cost of repairs. Our attorneys will fight the insurance company to prove your case with an inspection documenting previous damage. Such inspection is incredibly important and useful evidence to prove that such property damage did not exist before.

As a homeowner, it is also important to understand your insurance policy. Many insurance companies could be denying your claims. To avoid claims, insurance companies may state that such damages are not covered by your homeowner insurance policy. Policies are written by insurance companies attorneys and many times there is language that is confusing. Using confusing language creates a grey area for insurance companies to avoid claims. Our homeowners insurance lawyers will argue insurance negligence by providing a detailed inspection with all pre-existing damages.

2. Examine Your Home Insurance Policy

Although homeowners insurance is not required by law, it is recommended that you have good insurance. However, not all insurance policies cover the basic necessities for your home which is why it is important to review any exclusions that may come with your insurance. As a Miami homeowner, hurricane coverage is a necessity.

3. Have an Attorney Review Your Policy

At Peregonza The Attorneys, our homeowners insurance lawyers will be sure to review your policy for free, determine what is covered, and send out a professional to inspect your home.

To set up a free inspection of your home, please fill out your information below to setup a free consultation with a Miami homeowners insurance lawyer.

By: HORIZON PUBLIC ADJUSTERS | Created 03/18/2020

The most important thing in a fire insurance claim is to make sure that everyone is safe and sound. Fires are extremely dangerous and destructive. In addition to the actual damage from the fire’s flames, smoke damage is very dangerous and damaging. The resulting fire damage must be professionally evaluated by an experienced public adjuster.

Did you know that in South Florida and other parts of the country most of the damages in insurance claims comes as a result of a fire are smoke damages? Smoke travels and penetrates throughout the A/C system and your air ducts travel throughout your entire property. Even though a fire may be contained to one small room, the smoke from that fire can damage an entire house. Smoke goes into the cavity of the drywall and is absorbed inside all wooden materials in your property as well as your clothing fabrics and personal item. Even after thorough cleaning and painting to your property, this still doesn’t get rid of the smoke damages.

By: JSF Insurance Agency Inc. | Created 10/30/2018

People look at homeowners insurance as an option, and in reality it should be a necessity. Homeowners insurance will not only leave you stress-free, it will save you money in the long-run. Having insurance for your home will essentially help prepare you for the unexpected.

Here are 4 benefits to having homeowners insurance:

Protect You From Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters occur all the time, and unfortunately you can’t control if it damages your home. With home insurance, you can protect your home from common disasters such as, tornadoes, floods, and fires. Homeowners insurance will pay for repairs and save you a lot of money.

Protect You From Theft:

There is no worst feeling than knowing that someone has broken into your home. Having homeowners insurance will help in these unsettling situations. Home insurance can cover the cost of damages to your home, as well as, theft of possessions.

Protects You Against Lawsuits:

Someone can get hurt on your property. In this instance, they could potentially sue. If something like this happens, you want to be prepared and the best way to do that is by having insurance. Homeowners insurance will protect you against lawsuits by paying for medical bills and paying attorney fees. This will save you a lot of stress and money.

Mortgage Requirement:

If you plan on taking out a mortgage loan, your lender will require that you buy a limited level of insurance in case of a hazard. This is because your house is the lender’s collateral.

Homeowners insurance is not an option, it is a necessity. Check the benefits!!

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