The Benefits Of Using Blinds In The Summer


Summer time heat can be brutal, especially in Florida. Thankfully, most Floridians have the benefit of central air to alleviate some of that summer sweat. But, running that A/C at a comfortable 74 degrees all day, for months, without stopping, can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, homeowners can use shades and blinds to help keep the house cool, and the bills low. In reality, windows are just holes in the wall that let in hot, powerful UV rays emitted from the sun. To protect yourself from the sun, even in your home, shades must be installed. The U.S Department Of Energy reports that correctly managing window coverings can reduce heat gain in a room by up to 77 percent. Alternatively, these same practices can be used to keep heat in the house during the winter. The Department Of Energy released these tips on how to use shades and blinds to beat the heat this summer:


If the shades have been properly installed, then they provide one of the simplest and most effective ways to save energy, and in turn, money, while trying to keep your house cool. For shades to be truly effective, they must be closed all day. They’re installed close to the glass within the window frame to create a sealed space, cutting off light, and in turn heat. Reversible shades work great in places that have cold winters. One side is colored light to reflect the sun during the summer and and the other is side is dark to absorb it in the winter. There are many different types of shades that perform different tasks. For instance, Roman shades have several layers of fiber batting that insulate the room and keep cool air inside the home during the summer.


The United States Department of Energy reports that highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain in a room by around 45 percent when they’re completely closed. Due to the horizontal slats that blinds have, they aren’t able to reduce heat as much as shades would be able to. Blinds can be adjusted to control light and ventilation within the room — a feature that not all shades can provide. Horizontal slats can be adjusted to reflect and block direct sunlight on a ceiling that is lightly colored, which allows the light to go around the room without causing much heat or glare.

Window Films

Did you know that you can tint your home’s windows? Reflective films work great because heat bounces off of it. Homes with black or other dark colored tints can in fact make the car hotter. Keep in mind, reflective films can be tricky to clean and can impair visibility to the outside.

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