A sliding screen door or a patio door as a lot of people like to call it is great for blending the spaciousness from outside into one’s home. Having one at home means that with the sliding screen, one can enjoy fresh air without fear of being infested by a variety of airborne pests. When it comes to maintaining it, all one needs to do is keep the track and rollers clean. That is, until someone accidentally tears the screen.

Screen doors are very delicate. They are made of a lightweight aluminum frame that stretches across a fiber glass screening material. This fiber glass, although very economical, is usually very fragile and easy to puncture. We can try to be careful not to damage it, but accidents happen. And in the event that one occurs, your safest bet is Sliding Door Express.

It is true that a damaged screen is easy to replace and one can find all the materials needed at a local hardware store, but hiring a professional to do the job is an absolute no-brainer. Our team of professionals at Sliding Door Express repair all types of sliding screen doors in Miami, Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Removing a sliding screen door is a little complex. A sliding screen is supported on rollers that ride in a track. To remove it, you would have to lift it until the rollers clear the track. Then, pull the bottom out and lower the door until it clears the top edge of the frame. This is easier said than done, hence the need for a professional. That is where we come in.

We know our job and can walk you through any and all issues that may be present with your sliding screen door. We offer you a range of affordable sliding screen door repairs in your area. Call our Sliding Door Express today to schedule an appointment with us or to receive a FREE quote for services.

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